Saturday, July 10, 2010

Keeping Busy

Last night the kids and I had another all nighter in my studio. The two little ones played with Littlest Petshop and Natalie and I worked on her new bag for school.  She is not making this easy for me.

A while back she picked out some fabric she wanted to use from a new quilt store near us. She had fun picking them out because it was the first day the store had opened its doors. We did not buy that much and after we started cutting for her bag we realized we needed more and also needed a couple other items. She picked out this pattern:018

Oh my – it seemed like I was cutting all night, well I was maybe that is why it seemed like it. A lot of pieces go into this tote.  I have always wanted to make it for myself but it looks like Natalie is going to be the lucky one. We had to pick up a little bit more of the fabric she had chosen from the shop and of course she found another that worked better than what I had in my stash. I am not sure if you can see the colors well from this photo but the fabric in the back is a Dark Brown, kind of chocolate Moda Solid and then the Green & Animal print are from Hoffman’s “A is for Alligator” and the pink which looks sort of orangey in the picture is actually a Bonnie Blue from Marcus (very hard for me to let that  one go).


While we were at the shop Alice picked out a few fat quarters:


And of course I could not resist a few:


Today the owner Paulette was working and she is the sweetest lady.  We had a great time and I was able to see the Breast Cancer Awareness quilt she is working on, it is fabulous. She is a cancer survivor and is really putting her heart into the quilt.  I saw some of the same fabrics I had used in my mothers quilt I had made her just before she passed away. It really touched me.

The quilt store has a very unique quality in that it has a coffee shop in it – you cannot get better than that. We got some Iced Mochas on our first trip but did not this time and they were real good.  When we were checking out Paulette game me a little tote to use when I come back. Oh my goodness, you know I am going to feel obligated to fill it up!!


I guess it would help the locals who haven’t been by to give the address. It is called The Quilters Nest & Coffee Coop @ 2908 N. Main Street, Fuquay Varina, it is on 401 leaving Fuquay going towards Raleigh. They are on Facebook, but do not have a website. They also have some classes coming up for Redwork, Beginning Quilting and Hand Appliqué and a couple different groups and such. Check them out.


Today was Alice’s turn to try her hand at embroidery. I had this old kit I had gotten from the thrift store a while back, it looks like it is from the 1970s.  It is  pretty cute. Alice is doing a great job. Natalie was about the same age when I showed her how to embroider. Alice seems to be a natural, she is doing an awesome job.


I also finished up a needle case I was working on for a swap I am doing with the Quilting Gallery and  One Piece at a Time. I absolutely love how it turned out. I want to make one for myself. I added a little extra piece of wool in the inside of mine and a little ribbon for a tie.


Well I need to get back to the Professional Tote, it is definitely not going to sew itself.

Have a great weekend!



Lee Prairie Designs said...

Cute, love the colors, I am done with mine too! Just got to put it in the mail.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Great Carolyn - I can't wait to see yours, mine is going in the mail today!