Monday, July 12, 2010

Thanks for the votes!!!

Hey everyone – well as you know I did not win the weekly theme quilt contest at but that is ok – it was fun and I met some really nice gals in the process. I want to thank you for voting for me!!! You are the best!!  The winner (a real sweety) was Sheryl from Scraps from Sheryl she entered this wonderful quilt (in case you missed it):

It is a real beauty!!!

The kids and I have been having our very own “Sit and Stitch” today. Alice and Gordon are both stitching on little embroidered pig pillows. Alice gave up on the first project because she had to use too many fill stitches and it was taking too long to see progress. So I had her draw a picture of her pig “Muddy” and she is stitching her up. Gordon is using one of his drawn pictures of “Pigges” he has actually finished the embroidery and is waiting on me to set up the sewing machine for him. Isn’t he cute!!!001

Gordon is also very excited about his new sewing basket. I let him use my basket I had been using (I typically change what I am carrying weekly). He has it very organized and always handy in case he needs to stitch in between X-Box and Wii games. :)001

I switched to a bag I had started making for a friends baby, as an overnight bag years ago.  I never finished it because I was not happy with the colors. I do love the bag and as soon as I find the pattern again I am going to make another with better colors.  It will be for me, the baby is no longer a baby. I cannot remember the designer of the pattern and cannot locate the pattern. It had a picture of a little kid carrying the bag and a little stuffed bug you make to go with it. I thought is was Melly & Me and then I thought maybe it was Amy Butler but I looked on line last night and did not see it. I will have to search my studio. It is not in with my regular patterns because it was supposed to be in the project bag. I think it is time for a cleaning in the studio!!! I snapped a photo after I finished it. It is a round bottom and huge inside. Holds all my sewing/stitching supplies plus my purse stuff when I am going to work . It is working out great (for this week – hehe)002

The kids had a blast  yesterday playing on the Slip and Slide. Do you remember those, my goodness. I cannot imagine running and jumping, hitting that hard ground now. I would probably break into pieces, that is after they pulled me from the giant crater I would make in the ground!!! :)033019036

I put it out again for them today but it wasn’t hot enough. I cannot believe I am saying that, but it really wasn’t that hot today. It was pretty cloudy and we finally got a little rain shower, so the plants are happy.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday and a great start to the week. Happy Stitching!!!


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