Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Crazy Wool!!

Had a good day today. My friend Janet came over and we worked on our Crazy Wool quilts. We had a good time. I only tacked done three things, a pig, a bunny and a fence, they are not finished or “crazied  up” yet but they are still cute.014


I forgot to show a picture of the cake we made last night, this is all that was left to bake after we ate the cake batter. I also noticed our number 9 is backwards, I guess that would be depending on what side you are looking from. There is no significance to the number 9, it was all we had to decorate the cake with. Gordon came up with a good idea though, he said that was his 9th July 4th he had celebrated so we went with it!005004

I also finished up some items that were in my Rubbermaid Tub. I filled up several pin cushions:


012And a funny looking doll – isn’t she a hoot!!!    006

It has been hot here – was 102 today and tomorrow is supposed to be hotter – so keep cool and keep stitching!!!


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