Monday, July 26, 2010

Natalie’s Stitching

Natalie finished up another Halloween stitchery. She has not decided what she is going to make with it yet. It is very cute.

natalies stitchery 001

I made a couple wool owls from a Needl’ Love pattern. He is actually a pincushion, I think he is just cute standing there. Gordon has already taken claim to one and it is in his room.  The kids also made fabric pumpkin with cinnamon stick stems.


Natalie was nice enough to take a picture of the carcasses in my studio:


We discovered something in our garden we have not noticed before, probably because we thought it was a hummingbird. We have a lot of hummingbirds in our garden but we also have a lot of these little guys:


It is a hummingbird moth or common clearwing. Very interesting little thing:


I found this picture when I was cleaning up the other day. Natalie had drawn it for Gordon. I can’t get over how incredibly cute it is.001

Weird thing when I got off work this morning, a moving truck pulled up to my next door neighbors house. We didn’t even know they were moving and now they are gone. Interesting, they are a military family so I guess they could have gotten orders to go somewhere else. We didn’t even get a goodbye.  There is not a for sale sign in the yard so I am unsure what that may mean, maybe they are renting it out. I know we have had numerous foreclosures in the neighborhood, I hope they were not one of the unfortunate ones. Times are hard.

Hopefully you have been able to stay cool. It is a little cooler here today, the heat index was only up to 107, not too bad.

Happy stitching!



Love Bears All Things said...

Something similar happened on our folks moved in just before school started last year...I met them trick or treat night and spoke to them when I saw them out with the weekend they moved out and a for rent sign went up the same weekend..neighborhoods are transitional these days, we don't always get to meet the neighbors.
I like the stitchery. It would look good on a pot holder or towel to display at Halloween.
Mama Bear

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

This can be good sometimes (not meeting the neighbors) these were quiet neighbors, they had two little kids and they never bothered a soul.
Natalie hasnt decided what she will do with the stitchery yet, she is like me , she just keeps thinking of new projects to do, I have created a monster.