Saturday, July 24, 2010

Suffering from the Heat

I have been working on a lot of projects this week. Just put together my first pair of witch boots from a pattern I drew up. They are pretty darn cute.

The kids and I had a blast last evening cleaning the refrigerator. Yep, that is right, we cleaned the refrigerator. Well, Alice and Gordon and me, Natalie said she was helping by doing some stitching for me. It took us a good while but it sparkles now, looks as good as new, freezer too. We emptied it, took out the drawers and shelves, I washed, Gordon dried and Alice cleaned inside the refrigerator and put everything back.  I am so proud. They love to clean. The day before they vacuumed the entire house. They do request a little payment for it but their price is pretty cheap (I wont tell them that). I am liking this growing up thing right now. Sweeet!

All of the kids have caught the embroidery bug. I cannot wait to show you their current projects completed. Very cute!

Since it is so hot and my studio is a little warm (it is over the garage and struggles with 100 degree plus weather) I have been venturing out and catching a little TV. I do not normally watch much but I can tell you one of my favorite parts is some of the commercials. My favorite is the Wal-Mart commercials with Darrell Owens the Roll Back guy. I love him, he cracks me up. I did a little research (well I just googled Darrell the Wal-Mart guy) today and found out he actually does work at Wal-Mart. Very cool, I bet he is loving this instant fame. Anyway, if you have not seen him  I attached a video, I hope it works.

Makes you want to shop at Wal-mart.

Okay - I am off to be productive now. Hope you are staying cool in this heat and enjoying a little stitching time.



Love Bears All Things said...

Send those wee ones over to me...I need the fridge in the garage cleaned and it is 99 degrees F in there. The garage, not the fridge..Needless to say, it will have to wait until winter.
I've watched a bit more TV recently too while stitching and crocheting...mostly movies.
Mama Bear

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Yes I would definately wait until it gets cooler!! I would love to crochet - another craft I need to learn! Thanks for stopping by!