Saturday, August 14, 2010

Halloween Pillow

Sometimes I  don’t like it when something I make to sell turns out better than I had planned it to. Why? Because then I have to part with it and it is so painfully bad. An example would be this pillow.  I stitched it, I think, two years ago and I love it. The fabric dyed exactly how I wanted, the color of the floss I used is absolutely perfect for the fabric color, etc, etc. I think that is why I held on to it for so long, I used the excuse I was trying to figure out what I was gong to do with it. I loved it too much to let go. The pattern is one block from  a Crab-apple Hill pattern called “Hocuspocusville” (there are 12 different houses in all). It is a ton of stitching.  Last night I made it into a pillow, I love the pillow. It is rather large, it is 17” X 24.” And did I mention I love it. Here it is in all it’s beauty.


Makes me sigh, hohummmm.

I also stitched one in Orange floss, the background fabric I used I also dyed with walnut crystals and it turned out awesome, it is a Haunted Quilt Shop. I stitched this one about the same time as the other. This one I do not love as much, I still love it, which explains why it is still not made into anything but it does not have the power over me that the first one does.


Have a great Saturday!!!



Sew Many Raggedies said...

Hi Jennifer
Thanks for signing up for my giveaway on my blog. I love this stitchery. Lots of work!! You did a great job.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thank you Rene - and thank you for visiting me!