Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday Project


Isn’t he a cutie! I was crafting like crazy Saturday night and then I injured myself, I feel like a wimp. I was making some little Halloween kitty wand thing-ys (you will see at another time – I am too mad at them to show). I had a new glue gun that I had not opened yet and Natalie needed to use one so I gave her my old one and decided to use the new one. I was not use to the glue coming out so easily, because my old one has so much gunk on it. Well I kept burning myself with the glue, no biggie, but then I got a lot on one of my fingers and it hurts like crazy and I have a blister.

Gordon was nice enough to fetch me some ice and Alice was nice enough to inform me it wasn’t a good idea to play around with the glue gun, and I should be much more careful next time. Silly girl!!

So I quit, yes I was a wimp.  But I am happy I got the little owl fellow done.

Natalie was doing some painting. She got the idea from the new issue of Create and Decorate. She made some cute little paintings.  She hasn’t been or painting as much as she use to so it was nice to see her doing it again.


We had a great weekend and I hope you did!



Love Bears All Things said...

This is exactly why I have an Aloe wonders and you don't get blisters if you apply it right away.
Mama Bear

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Mama Bear - I had an aloe plant my friend had given me and I left it outside one night and it got too cool, it died. I have left it outside and now it has grown two new plants but they are not very big!!