Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sandy’s Tutorials!!

Hi all, I had several ladies ask me how to do a couple different things regarding doll making.  I wrote up several tutorials and had my husband take a look at them and he liked them okay but he wanted me to include pictures. Well I am very self conscious about my hands (I am a nail biter)which is one reason I do not teach classes. I didn’t like how they looked in the pictures so I have gone another route.

Anyone who knows me knows if you want to find something on the internet, I am pretty good at locating it on the big WWW. I do my share of blog hopping also and over time I have found some very talented people. One of those people was nice enough to let me send you guys her way for her wonderful tutorials.  One is on doll hands, you know fingers and the other is on pinch stitching the face. Very awesome tutorials.

This talented young lady is Sandy, she has two websites/blogs one is The Olde Country Cupboard and the other is You Are Special Patterns.  While you are there you have to explore all of her patterns, they are wonderful.  Her daughter Samantha  is just as talented. Samantha is having a giveaway on her new blog. (click on her name and it will take you there).

So, without further adieu here are the links for the tutorials.

Doll Hands (click on the picture!)

And the face, isn’t this doll great (This is one of Sandys)?

Thank you Sandy for helping me out – you are awesome!!!

Next item on the agenda is this:

Primitive Gatherings made these for Moda – go here to read about it!! How great is that?

I worked day work – horrible – I hate day work. I am such an old hooty owl. I have to work it again tomorrow – drats. Then back to my regular nights Sunday and Monday – ahhhh – night shift – midnights – 3rd shift – love it – it is when the crazies come out. I love crazies!!

I finally got my 3 issues of Australian Homespun magazine today so I will have some reading to do – they look yummy!!

Ok I am off – have a great evening and remember – tomorrow is Friday!!!



Love Bears All Things said...

Jennifer, I wanted to let you know that I received my books and Thank you.
These are some interesting websites which I will explore when I have time.
I am a night owl too.
Mama Bear

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Love your Annie Doll so prim---She is a cutie!!! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Carolyn

Sammy said...

I love your doll. Thank you for sharing.

-Samya :-)