Saturday, September 4, 2010

Johnny Rotten??

No! – Mommy is spoiled rotten!

For those who do not know who Johnny Rotten(John Lydon) is he was the lead singer of the Sex Pistols and if you do not know who the Sex Pistols were than just ignore my rambling.

When I came home from work on Friday my husband had this sitting on my sewing room table:


Since Alice took my other on he got me one – which, can you believe it, Alice has in her room. One day I will have both of them, she will not want them anymore and they will be mine all mine!!

Today we all went shopping. Instead of having a cookout for the Labor Day holiday we decided to do a little shopping.  We went to Old Navy, Borders, Target and everything in between.  I got a bunch of goodies:


With the lunch boxes I am going to make sewing boxes. I saw a tutorial on line and I am going to change it up quite a bit and make a little one too – I think it is going to be fantastic!! The tube has colored pencils in it and of course my favorite – notebooks!!  I love notebooks, very weird, but nothing beats a brand new notebook to me.  Blank pages ready for anything!!

Before we left today I had cut the grass and the garage door was open , well we had this little friend sneak in and the poor thing could not figure out how to get out. It was a Hummingbird. Our garage  has a two story ceiling and it is too high for us to reach to try and get it him out. When we came home he was still in the same spot, so we left one of the doors open and later in the evening he thankfully figured out how to escape.


Also while we were at Target I learned something about my nine year old son Gordon, he does not like Target. His reason for not liking it is rather funny to me. He told us he does not like to go to Target because there are always crying babies inside the store.  Of course while we were there, there were crying babies, so he just kept saying “See what I am talking about.”  I told him he use to be one of those crying babies in Target.

I also got an allergy attack while we there. So my eyes swelled up and I was sneezing every thirty seconds. It lasted until – well it is still going on 5 hours later. This typically happens to me, especially since I cut the grass, I will be better in the morning.

We had fun together today, it was great having everyone in one place and the goodies are nice too!!

I hope you have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I remember seeing Johnny Rotten on an episode of People's Court years ago. Crazy!

Do you mind post the link to the sewing lunch box tutorial? I just got a bunch of lunchboxes at AC Moore for $1!!!

Look forward to seeing you soon as Sharon's porch sale.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Hey Heather - I bet that was a funny show - Oh my - cannot even imagine. I look forward to seeing you at the sale also and all of your creations!!! I wish I could have gone to AC Moore - did you buy them all?? The link is - it is not very fancy but you are creative enough to do something great!! See you soon!