Friday, September 17, 2010

Ornaments – Ornaments!!

I am working on Christmas ornaments for a swap and to sell. I think I am loosing my eye sight. Everything is a big blur. A big red blur.001 I am supposed to be sleeping because I have to work tonight but it has been one of those days the phone wont stop ringing. If it was someone calling about something exciting that would be different but it is just useless babble – you know the “your prescription is ready to be picked up”, “we are coming out to do the quarterly bug treatment". Plus I got two for my husband because they had his cell and home phones mixed up. So I have been up since noon and I am going to be hating life tonight.

Natalie just got home and said two 6th graders on her bus kissed on the lips! “OMG It was so gross mom!” she said.  Yeah, keep thinking that way little girl, the longer she feels that way the better. She said she cannot believe they had their first kiss in the 6th grade. Me either honey – that is dis-gust-ing!

Okay – I need to go outside and wait for the other two little ones – have a great day!!!


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Sharon Stewart said...

Adorable Jennifer. You know I love redwork!! Can't wait to see them finished. Keep stitching.....