Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sad Day

Today is not starting off well. When I got home from work Harry (one of our Guinea Pigs) didn’t do his usual squeaking at me  when I came in the door and when I was talking to Pablo (the other Guinea Pig) he didn’t squeak either. I put my hand in to pet him and he didn’t react at all. So I have been holding him all morning and he just stares at me.  I am so upset.001I am hoping he is just sick but he is about 3 years old so it could be worse.  I am awful when it comes to loosing animals, I cannot and will not even watch a movie or show if it has an animal being hurt or killed. When our older guinea pig Snowball died I was a basket case for about 4 months.

I am very allergic to the guinea pigs so my husband made me put him back in this cage because my eye was already beginning to swell up. I feel so bad, he needs loving more now than ever. But I took two allergy pills and I am going to try to sleep for a while then I will go back to the loving – I am hoping it will not be too late.


Sharon Stewart said...

I am so sorry Jennifer. I'll hope for the best. It is very sad to have a sick pet or to lose one. That's the reason we never got another dog after Ralphie died!! I couldn't go through that again!!!!

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thanks Sharon - I slept a little and then held him again for a few hours he is nto doing well. Cannot really walk around, drink or eat, poor little fellow.

Anonymous said...

My family thinks I am a pet hater and we didn't have any for 10 years. But it was because I lost a Guinea pig when they were very little and it was a horrible experience. I hate for animals to die,when you truly love them.I am allergic to most of them. But alas I realized that I can not rob the kids of the joy of pets because of my fears, so now we have a bunny who we got when first weaned and is now a year old, he is a house bunny and adorable. My hubby got a bird recently. I just try not to think about the eventual future.

We were created to love animals and it shows. I am very sorry things are so bad with Harry. Sending a understanding hug your way!

Ann Flowers

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thank you Ann. My husband just gave his cage a cleaning and we put him to bed for the night. I am afraid he will not make it probably to morning. He seems to be in a lot of pain so I hope he can rest peacefully soon.