Saturday, October 2, 2010

Her 1st Dance

Natalie is in middle school now and last night she went to her first dance. She went to her BFF Kasey's house after school and they prepped for the dance. I got a chance to see them before hand and they looked so pretty.  She looked so grown up, I wanted to cry. Funny when all the moms were crying at kindergarten I thought how silly of them. Now I am the one in tears. Natalie did not enjoy the dance much, she said it was hot and everyone was just standing around texting.  Oh how things have changed. And it just gives her another chance to beg for a cell phone.001
I was able to get a little creative tonight and started a couple of dolls. I finished one and I just love her.  She  kind of looks like an Alien, well I started off trying to make her look like one and then she started getting pretty. I have not felt that good creating in some time.I listed her on Etsy also. She looks so lonely on there I need to finish up some more things to keep her company.Oh, I almost forgot some very important news. I won a give away on Prim In The Country !Yippee!! I have never won anything so this is not only exciting because of receiving  these awesome items but because it is my first win! Yay me!
All for now – have a great weekend!!


Aimee Jeffries said...

CDA Blog Hopping by! I can't imagine texting at a dance hehe, or to whom, everyone was already at the dance lol.

Susie said...

Oooh! doesn't it feel so good when you win something! Congratulations and a lovely prize too. I feel for you too watching your little girls grow up. my Alice is 13 now and still flips between little girl and all grown up....I'm lost!
Love that doll, she has a sort of quirky look about her which is very endearing!
Take care,
Sue xx

Donnie said...

I had boys before cell phones and they stood around the walls and talked when they went to a dance. So I guess things aren't totally different. I love your creations and bookmarked your Etsy site. I love Etsy. Congrats on your win. It's like Christmas when you win a giveaway.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thank you Aimee for stopping by - that is what I was thinking - she said they were still texting each other.

Susie your Alic eis close to my Natalie's age - she is almost 12. so they are going through about the same things I guess. I like my doll even if she doesnt find a new home we like her here.

Donnie - I guess it is about the same thing but instead of looking at each other to talk - what a novel idea.

Love Bears All Things said...

They grow up way too fast, don't they...Daughter was talking about how so many of the Princess' friends were on Facebook..she's know they can't get on there unless they lie about their age...and cell phones...lets just not go there...I don't know what parents are thinking...sorry she didn't enjoy the dance much...Wonder Boy is in middle school but he probably wouldn't go to a dance.
Mama Bear