Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow Days


We almost had a white Christmas but the rain did not turn into snow until around 3am here. We awoke to a winter wonderland. The kids were so excited.


Well, Natalie wasn’t. She did not want any part of going outside. Just texting on her phone. I can’t remember if I mentioned, she got a cell phone for an early Christmas present this year. She loves it!


They are devising their snow action plan.  My poor children, no snow clothes. I guess how this year is going we should head out and get them some.


Here are their snowmen. I think they did a fabulous job!!


I like how our lighted snowman has a fluffy white hat now.046

So now the fun begins for me. I have to drive in it for about 50 miles. Should be lots of fun. I believe I will be very early for work tonight, I am not going to wait until after dark. That’s okay I will be bringing some stitching to get my stitching time on, hope you can also!!



Lynn said...

Snow!! Can you believe this snow! It looks like you all had a wonderful holiday!

Donnie said...

It sure looks beautiful but not to drive in. My son has about 10 inches and works night shift so my thoughts will be with him tonight. I can see why you go in early. Stay safe and warm.


That looked like lots of fun, here in Florida, we actually had a little snowflurries this morning, we were all excited about that.

Debbie said...

We were suppose to have snow but all we got were a few flurries that did not amount to anything. Everything seemed to go north and south of us. Just enough to prevent the kids from coming down. It looks like your kids had a ball! Love the snowmen!