Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa was good to me!

Last night was a trip. The kids would not go to sleep for anything. Every time I thought it was clear to go down stairs one of them would say, “Who is that – Santa?”. I finally made it down and didn’t even bother to wake my husband. I figured any extra noise would wake someone up. But that also means I got all the cookies and cocoa.015

This morning they were so excited, but just like last year they had to brush their teeth first. I don’t think I could wait when I was a kid. Heck I didn’t even bother this morning! Yuck, I know. They got lots of goodies and are having a ball with them now.

Oh Boy! I got some good presents. Four more dolls, I have 6 total now. Two of the ones I got are still in their original Bitty Buttons boxes. I am so excited! I am keeping these in the boxes, Alice took my other two out of their boxes.


I got a charm pack and a new book, because you know I need both desperately bad.


And looky here – new boots! Love them, they are Clarks and oh so comfy! I am wearing them now with my Pj’s!


New Piggy earrings from Hoots4U. She has a piggy necklace I want real bad too.  And a jail bird pig from Target. They have or had so many piggy banks. I wanted them all, but where would I put them.


My friend Sharon got me a reproduction Treenware Pig cutting board and a cute little glass pig ornament.


As you can see I was spoiled and like pigs. I am walking around the house in my boots like I am one hot mama. The kids are saying “Whatever Mom, I am trying to play my new game, leave me alone.” It is very quiet in the house.

When they were little Christmas morning was always so busy and loud and now they are in their separate places doing their own things.  My husband is searching through a new batch of Wheat Pennies and here I am gabbing on the computer. I do have 100 friends/followers now so I guess I need to have a giveaway soon. I will have to make something special soon to show my appreciation.

Well, I am off to prance around in my new boots! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Don’t forget to find a little stitching time, I think I might just stitch in my boots! (Are you tired of hearing about MY BOOTS yet?)



Love Bears All Things said...

Good morning, Jennifer
I wondered if anyone would be online this morning...We had snow, a white Christmas in North Alabama..go figure...and in 43 years of marriage this is the first time Honey Bear and I have stayed home on this day instead of spending it with his extended family 50 miles away...we just didn't think it was worth it to try and drive there.
I didn't know about the, I'll be on the lookout...I only own one pair of Clarks and they are so comfortable...enjoy your day.
Mama Bear

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Jennifer you are way to funny..glad you had a wonderful christmas and got some of the things you wanted..including those new boots..have fun the rest of the day..:)

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Lovely! I'm glad you posted about that book because I haven't seen that one before. Merry Christmas!

Debbie said...

Merry Christmas Jennifer! Looks like you must have been a good girl! Love the boots! :)

Debbie K

Donnie said...

I'll never tire hearing about your boots. I have never heard of Clark and will have to look them up. It looks like you had a lovely Christmas and I didn't know you liked pigs either. Glad you had a wonderful day.

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Wow, Jenn: You certainly were spoiled. Love the boots, sister!! But where's the pic of you in them? you get snow for Christmas? Can't wait to see your giveaway!. I've been a slug today...Don't really want to go out in this 20 degree weather for post xmas sales just yet.