Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alice’s New Project


Alice, who is now 8, is working on a new project.  Doesn’t she look cute sitting up in bed stitching, that girl knows how to relax!!  She picked another Badbird’s pattern to stitch up. She loves her designs. Here is the one she picked.


She is using a variegated Leto floss by Clover. I bought a bunch of these threads when they were on close out at the Clover website. Her background is a  Robert Kaufman Fusions fabric. She is doing a great job. Her stitches are awesome. She just has to keep reminding herself that she is not in a hurry.


I am so proud of her!!! Way to go Alice!

Okay, I have a big question for you guys. I need a magnifier for doing cross stitch. I have tried the glasses but they just give me a headache. I cannot see to cross stitch anymore and it is making me very sad. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on this? I would appreciate the help.

Off I go, hope you guys are great and finding a little stitching time in between all life is throwing at you!



Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

they have some really neat magnifyers at Joanns..Tell Alice she is doing a great job..I never did that kind of stuff at her good for her.;)I also have some cross stitch patterns up for sale on my blog.;) if you are interested.:)

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Alice is following in her Mama's footstep...urrr I mean fingersteps!! Way daughter never learned to do stitching but can make a mean hemp bracelet..the twirly kind...I can't even do that!!...taught her how to crochet....was supposed to show her how to sew but she's soooo busy being a teenager!

Now for the glasses....I only needed a slight magnified pair of glasses which are 1X....did you try those yet or actual prescription glasses? I could not wear prescribed glasses because they made me dizzy so I went with the $20 pair of magnifiers...for reading and crafting.

Laura S. said...

Okay, I'm going to suggest the best of the best magnifiers. They are $$$ but are for a lifetime. I bought mine and used it to make two petit points on silk gauze-I think that's maybe ~50 hpi. But, I'm really nearsighted, and eventually I will need it to see things with much bigger holes!

It also has a really really good light under it, which I use all the time. The lighting is almost more important than the magnifier!

The company is Dazor, and they make lights and magnifiers for doctors, dentists, jewelry makers, etc. You probably can't go wrong with any of their products, the one I have is a circline.

Laura S.
Cary, NC

Lynn said...

She does look cute and her stitches are neater than mine! I have to remember that too, not to hurry. Try Lisa at Lonestar Mercantile. She has a very nice booth at the fairgrounds on the weekends. Her email address is on her blog and I think I've seen some magnifiers there.

Lynn said...
this would help

Anonymous said...

She is doing such a great job... It is lovely!!!
I like that her choice of thread is a variegated one, can't wait to see it finished!!!
I have a Daylight lamp that came with a magnifier but honestly I do not use it ... at least not quite yet. Though I'm feeling that will change soon since I'm not able to stitch much at night.

Debbie said...

WTG Alice! I think it is so neat to have a daughter who is following in her mama's footsteps! I can't wait to see her finished stitching!


manos de chicureo said...

Jennifer, is wonderful that your daughter so small has such skill with the needle. Congratulations and I find the whole reason for your pride, to me the same thing happen. And the magnifying glass I suggest you go to an ophthalmologist or eye doctor to prescribe you a good pair of glasses. Or look at your identity card ... ji, ji, ji
A hug