Friday, January 14, 2011


Not a very good post title is it. Pretty lame I guess but the post is about pillows.


Alice finished her pillow and she was going to sell it but she decided it was way too cute. I agree with her I think she should keep it. But no worries, she says she is going to make another unicorn pillow just in case anyone is interested.  This is the fabric she chose for the back. 


I finally finished the 3 crow pillows. They are now listed for sale my selling blog.


I also finished up a couple other pillows. One is for a swap so I cannot show it. But here is the other one, it is also for sale on my selling blog.


Last night we watched The Smoking Gun’s World’s Smartest Inventions on TRUtv. Oh my goodness, it was hilarious. I am still laughing about it. I am not a big tv watcher but I do watch that show frequently.

Well, I have lots to do, hope all is well. Thank you for all your suggestions on the magnifier, I will look into them all.  I will leave you with a picture of Alice with her three embroidered pillows she has made. The unicorn did not show up very well, the mess behind her is what I am going to tackle right now.


Happy stitching! Jennifer


Lynn said...

What a perfect pillow!! Well done Alice. What nice stitches and such pretty colors and fabrics. You are obviously quite talented and creative, just like your mother!

Anonymous said...

Alice did great on her pillows!!!
She is sooo right about wanting to keep her super cute unicorn pillow... and she chose the perfect fabric for the back... just too cute!
She could also make a very small version of them and sell them as pincushions, just a thought.

Does your dd has her very own hand embroidery goodies/supplies, you know... her own little organizer/container with floss, needles, hoops, etc.
My little one has a sewing basket I got for her a few months ago from Hancock Fabrics in which she keeps her embroidery supplies.

Anonymous said...

Alice's pillows turned out great! She should definitely keep the Unicorn pillow, it is too cute. I can't wait for Jack to get old enough to learn how to embroider. It will be nice to find something to keep him busy for long periods of time :).