Saturday, January 22, 2011

Swap Received

I received my package from Kookie (aka Bailey) for the Prim Pals Won’t You Be My Valentine Swap.  Isn’t it great!!! I was so happy to get another package in the mail. The little mouse in the heart is precious!


I have not posted her package because I was a bad partner and sent hers off Friday morning. I was several days late. I cannot wait for her to get it!!

I finished up a couple stitcheries, they are little and might be pin cushions or something. I haven’t decided or had time to figure it out yet. The first one is a free download from Bird in the Hand Primitives, Robin is very generous and is forever coming up with the greatest designs, you can embroider them, make a doll from some, punch needle them, wool applique, they are the greatest designs.


Here is the second one and it is from the same site the button pillow came from here. Again another generous talented woman.


I wanted to mention another little tid-bit about the Thelma situation and then I will not bug you any longer about it. Some of you already know the story but I wanted to mention it for the ones who don’t. Tuesday night I could not sleep and I stayed up late quilting and crying and praying. I was praying for some type of sign that my husbands idea that an owl got Thelma was true. I mean there is really no other explanation that makes sense, even though the owl deal wasn’t making sense to me.

Well, Wednesday I still couldn’t sleep so I was looking at the news on line and came across an article from Chicago where apparently a Chihuahua was attacked while its owner was walking it, on a leash, the owl tried to carry the poor little pup off. The owner was able to scare the owl off and the pup survived. I thought that was pretty weird, how often do you see an article on the news about that.

But the story does not end there.  I took Louise, Thelma's’ sister, out with me when I was checking the mail. She was walking right beside me and then we heard this, “hoo-hoo” of the owl. Louise cowered down on the ground and let out a cry. I picked her up really fast and looked up and saw the owl in the tree in my neighbors yard. I hear the owls all the time and the kids and I always try to find them just because, but we never do. So I ran Louise inside and grabbed the camera, it’s lucky that is all I grabbed. I came back out and it hooted again but flew away before I could get a picture of him. Why did I want a picture, I don’t know, to prove I wasn’t crazy I guess. Here is the tree.


So I got my proof and as crazy as it seems, I find peace in that and I am sad, very very sad Thelma is gone but I think she is safe and no longer hurting. Her legs and hips are not hurting and she is up in heaven with our guinea pigs Harry and Snowball. She is up there running from them, she was always scared of them, silly dog. I was going to say I have not cried since Wednesday but now I am crying so forget about that.

I am scared I am going to become a crazed owl stalker kind of like Bill Murray in “Ground Hog Day.” I already told the kids I am getting rid of all my owl fabric – I have a lot of owl fabric!

Okay – happy thoughts. Off to bed. Have a great weekend. I will be working Sad smile!!


Donnie said...

I'm glad you have the start of a little peace for Thelma but I know what you mean about wanting to know for sure what happened to her.

Your swap was really pretty and there are sure some talented people out there. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I saw that story too about the owl and was thinking about you. I didn't want to send it to you when I saw it a few days ago because I didn't want it to upset you. However, I am glad it actually brought you peace. I agree it is a sign, it is just too coincidental.

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

Nice swap from Bailey! I love her mice! Glad you are finding some peace for you and Thelma.

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Hey Jennifer: Even though I know you've been devastated and we both know that sweet Thelma is up in heaven runnin' with the guinea piggies...I couldn't help but burst out laughing when you said you wanted to get rid of your owl fabric....hahaha....I am dying over here....I'll take it off your hands instead of you throwing it away...hehe! You kill me!!
I'm glad you're feeling a bit better!!
oh yeah....I love your swap goodies, esp that lil' mouse...I have a few mouse patts and have yet to make some!

Lynn said...

I'm still sorry for your family and poor Thelma, but at least now you know. I have heard of this especially with hawks happening around this area before. Just watch Louise, I think there are some things you can do to encourage the owl to move on.

Quilt Hollow said...

I have to comment on the mouse still my heart!!

manos de chicureo said...

'm glad to read that you are more quiet and that crying is over. I'm glad you found a solution to the loss of Thelma. The truth is the most obvious conclusion.
I can not fail to tell you that I brought a smile to your decision to throw all the fabrics that have owls but also understand your attitude.

Debbie said...

What an excellent swap from Kookie! I love her little mice! I saw the story on the news and thought of poor Thelma. I am glad you found some peace.


Johanna Parker said...

Ahh, so sorry about your sweet little dog.....It's one of life's mysteries, but let's hope she is in a peaceful, happy place now... I know the heartache felt by losing a pet however, and I hope you can heal a little more with each day..

Best to you...
~ Johanna
(thanks for adding my Giveaway badge on your blog too)

~Madalynne~ said...

Hi Jennifer.

I'm glad you got some closure on the loss of Thelma. That sweet little dog is surely on the rainbow bridge . . . romping about, having a good ole' time.

I love the little stitcheries you did. So cute!

Keep It Thimble said...
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Anonymous said...

Another test.... Please delete :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you are all doing better from the loss of Thelma!
To be honest... I'm not too crazy about owls anymore.
I stopped being crazy about squirrels when I saw one trying to get a fledgeling and the little birds parents fighting the squirrel! I may stitch a squirrel but don't care much for them in real life. I know somethings may be attributed to the so called "circle of life" but still doesn't mean that I have to be happy and/or like them .