Monday, January 31, 2011

Whatcha’ working on?

I am so far behind. I am working on a lot and getting a little done. Too many hours at work and too many sick kids. My oldest was out for 5 days, my son was out for 3 and now it is the little ones turn tomorrow. Poor kids.

But I did get a little chance to work on some things in between my headaches today. I will give you just a little peek.


I also started going through fabric this morning. Going through it to start listing it for sale that is. I started on the Quilt Gate Robert Kaufman line Mary Rose. I have probably 5-6 of the lines and have no clue why I got them besides they are just very pretty. Maybe I was thinking the girls would want something made from it. I will say they over-dye well. Tomorrow I hoping to cut them into half yards and I am going to over dye some. They would also make pretty dresses for dolls.I started at this section of my shelves and just started pulling out fabric. Here is a shot of a couple piles.


Here are some of the Mary Rose I have found so far.


I also stitched up and added a little color to a sketch Alice had drawn. I am going to make it into a scrappy baby doll quilt for her babies. It is a squirrel dancing by the light of the moon, on a tree limb.


I am about to list a couple items on Etsy that I had made a while back. One is a wall hanging that measures 17 1/2 x 20 1/2. It was a design I made up when I worked at the quilt store to show how to use the quilted texture background fabric and the lace sashing.


I am also going to list a little doll who has been waiting for a purse to be completed to hold her. That is not going to happen so I thought I would go ahead and list her.


That is it for now. I would love to hear about the projects you are working on.

Have a great evening and you guys with all the snow stay warm, take a seat by a lamp and get your stitching on!



Lee Prairie Designs said...

That little sneak peek was just enough to know that miss bunnie is going to be a cutie!!! I will be looking for her coming out party!

What I am doing today: sewing, making meat balls and watching at the snow come down outside our windows. We are to receive 6 to 10 inches of snow.

Hope the family is feeling better soon.

Carolyn :)

Mary Ann said...

What am I doing today..I wasted so much time blogging because of the One World One Heart thingy on this site... there at your own risk:)

I have 10 mice that need to be finished and dressed...just because I promised myself that they would be done by this Friday coming up....Eeeek:)....or maybe I should say squeeeek:)

Anonymous said...

Your sneak peeks are too cute!!! You are having fun!!!
Alice did an awesome job with her sketch and you did a beautiful job with the coloring and stitching!
I'm keeping some of dd's outgrown clothes and some of her ongoing drawings with the purpose of making her a "memory" quilt a few years from now ;-).

At the moment I'm in 0!!!! Very sad, and I'm kind of disappointed on myself a little since I had plans to finish the 1st blocks of the BOM's and my 1st "Use Your Books" project and it didn't happen... however that doesn't mean that I can't catch up.. right!?!

Anonymous said...

My heart did a little leap when I clicked on your blog. bringing back very fond memories. My grandmother made a bunny for me when I was young.I have never been able to find the pattern she used. Yours is so much like it. You gave me a pleasant memory i will always treasure. i miss her so very much. All your sneak peaks were great!!

Oh your fabric is so gorgeous, so many of those would make some fantastic and very pretty turning twenties.

Ahh I could not asked for a better blog to read right before heading to bed with a smile:)

Wonderful goodies!

What I worked on today: Still sketching and search for just the right idea for a Secret Swap i am in. I want to be sure to make something my partner will love. I think I am getting close. Also trying to figure out how to get 20 black, white red and grey fat quarters that are not girly looking so I can make a surprise turning 20 for my teen son who has been begging me for 2 years to make him one. Gift day is coming up this month and I think it would be a great surprise. Other then that the normal hodge podge of errands and goodbyes to my lovely sister who moved away today.

back to the real purpose of my post. LOVEIN IT:) thanks for your sneak peaks:)

Ann Flowers

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh Jennifer... well one project is getting over the cold and flu too. It ran its course through all three of us. Then of course woodcrafts woodcrafts woodcrafts with us in the woodshop.
I love the red on your bunny. Pretty vintage red, yes? Looks like you have enough fabric to keep you busy for a little while in between the children:)

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Hey Jennifer: Sorry to hear that everyone has been so sick...Now Josh is sick too. Stayed home today. I adoooore your prim bunny doll!! How sweet she is. I'll have to take a peak at your fabrics! ooohlala...I'm a fabric hoarder too! I'm workin' on some prim eggs today.
patti :)