Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Thursday!


I finished stitching a small stitchery last night. My hands actually hurt from this one because the stitches are so tiny. But I do like how it turned out. Sorry about the picture quality, it seems to blur at the bottom.

Another day, another sick child. When I got home from work this morning I was greeted with the phone ringing, Alice’s teacher calling saying she had a fever. Poor kid. This is her second round with the same virus. She was the first one to get it in the beginning and now it has gone through everyone and back to her again.

I started tracing Easter/Spring designs to stitch. I think I have mentioned before I have hundreds of designs already traced on various fabric and I realized this morning after going through them I have no spring designs. Last year I think I was able to get them all stitched and sold.


I made progress the other night on my fabric de-stash. I started on the right of this picture and I have touched every piece of fabric in that section. It is so nice. I have come to realize it is very hard to pick stuff to get rid of, I want to keep it all but I need this cleansing for my sanity. I actually cleared enough so far that I may be able to use the desk part of the built in. There is still my reds/pinks/oranges/polka dots on the other wall but I am hoping everything will fit nicely.


Here is a really bad picture of one of the de-stashed fabric piles that is either going to be listed for sale or donated. I have not decided what I am going to do with fabric that I am not sure of its content, you know whether it is 100% cotton or whatever. The majority of my fabric is 100% quilters cotton but over the years people have given me fabric or I have seen something I just had to have and have no clue what it is.


I received a special package in the mail today. My father-in-laws wife is from Southern Maryland. Her family has always lived there. I showed pictures of a quilt she had found before that was wrapped in tobacco leaves. Well she sent me these sacks that they found at her fathers house. They are a thick canvas material and are in awesome condition. Too heavy for a quilt but they will make a great tote or something.


To show you the size here is 8 year old Alice in one!! And a close up of the detail. I received four of them so I have plenty to be creative with.


Well I am off, have a great night and don’t forget to find a little stitching time.



Veronica said...

Thanks for visiting friend, I love to sew with my students, just that it's very hot here this summer, I loved your cushion, the smile of Alice and the rabbit primitive. From here I send a big hug, Vero

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

wow I thought I was organized with my fabric..I love that built in cabinet and love all that fabric..I need to do mine again..have a good one..:)

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

I wouldnt know what to do with all that fabric!! Love the built in cabinet and those sacks will be fun to create with for sure!

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Jennifer: I'm dyin' over your built in cabinets! Gorgeous! and the fabric...let me know if you're gonna list anything! Alice looks so cute in the finds!

Samelia's Mum said...

Wow you have an amazing stash! I love your mother stitchery. So very lovely. Hope your little girl is better soon xo

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Love the stitchery, Jennifer..did you create that pattern yourself? and wow..I just love your stash of fabric! Lucky you to have such nice shelf to store it all.

Cedar Creek Primitives said...

Wow what a great fabric stash! I love the built in cupboards too! Let me know when you are destashing, a girl can never have enough fabric!

Debbie said...

I am envious of your stash! Okay Jennifer... you need to join in the new swap I am getting ready to announce! lol

I love the stitchery too btw!


flutterbygone's said...

Oh what a nice surprise you got!!! You are right...awesome totes to be made!!! Some cute "pottery barn" type pillows too!

LOVE the stitching!!! Simply lovely!!!