Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday Sewing

I wanted to show you some progress I made Saturday night. I sewed all night. I was able to get six angel/fairy dolls sewn and stuffed. I still have four heads to stuff, but I got a great start.


Three bears are waiting to be stuffed and I also have some stuffed wool bunnies and chicks ready for finishing.


I drank a little caffeine and had the music blaring, singing my lungs out. My ears will be hating me later not only from the caffeine but from my singing, but I enjoyed myself. Louise was not at all impressed:


Well I better get off this computer my husband is trying to sleep and I am not being very considerate.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and find a little stitching time!



rachel said...

Wow - you've been really busy! Can't wait to see the finished dolls!

MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

Jennifer, looking at everything you've been doing, I can see all your lovely work. Keep it up; even though I'm so jealous! ;)

Prim In The Country said...

Whew, you go girl! I've got a similar pile of parts I'm getting finished up and ready to paint. Can't wait to see them finished.


MrsT said...

I love making dolls and sock monkeys and the like - I did a blog on making my dolls last year. One of the photos looked like your first one! A pile of arms and legs and bodies! Keep stitching!

manos de chicureo said...

Uff! Jenny. Why are you such a hurry? I guess you slept most of the day Sunday.

Christine said...

Must have been more than just caffeine lol!! How did you get soooo much done? It's amazing!
Can't wait to see them all finished up!

Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Wow - this will keep you busy for awhile!