Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding


I have never gotten into all “mushy” romantic stuff but I think I might be changing. This morning I awoke around 5am and went down and turned on the television to find the Royal Wedding of William and Kate on. Yes I watched the entire thing, I was able to see the parts I missed because a couple channels replayed it.  I watched television for 7 hours, I just realized that. That is sickening. I was also stitching. I decided I would get into the spirit and had seen a little Royal Wedding pattern in the Bustle and Sew newsletter that I get (they also have a blog here. So I traced it out and stitched along with the wedding.


I did not get much stitched because I wanted to see what was going on. They are such a beautiful couple.

Last night I started piecing together some of the “A Gardener’s Journal” quilt. I  became quite overwhelmed, so I took a step back and tonight I will try again but only work on one block at a time. There are so many little pieces. And I have to say it is a lovely pattern but she does not provide all the cutting instructions so there is still some that I need to cut. I am happy that I at least have all the blocks stitched.


So after being lazy all morning I decided I really needed to start working out. I put in the Zumba game I bought for the Wii and did the 20 minute program. Oh my goodness, it beat me up. It was a little embarrassing since my girls were watching me the entire time but that kind of gave me more drive to do it. Hopefully I will keep it up. I tend to do pretty good for a week or two and then stop.

Off I go. I hope everyone has a great weekend and finds a little stitching time!



Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

It was a beautiful wedding;...Hope they have a long happy life together.
We probably will never see anything like this again!

Lynn said...

I watched too, not 7 hours though! I made scones to go with the festivities!

Anonymous said...

I meant to have a royal wedding watch-and-stitch too but life menial tasks and other things got in the way. Just recently caught up with it online- with lots of fast forwarding- the most exciting part for me was when they arrived at the palace and greeted the multitude from their balcony.
Your stitching is beautiful and you are such a fast stitcher :-)!!!
About exercising ... trying to work on it myself!!!
How do you like zumba?

Chookyblue...... said...

I loved watching the wedding but like you didn't get so much sewing done watching everything.........
you should have all the pieces in the cutting directions.......there is the general section then below the special cutting for other specific blocks..........

Sue said...

I don't think it one bit lazy to watch a beautiful wedding as most of us did today. I thought it to be such a lovely and tasteful wedding ceremony, that I didn't do much at all while watching t.v. for most of the day. I only stitched just a bit!
I find the couple to be extremely lovely and I pray that their wedding will be for their lifetime. It blessed my day and I feel good about that :)