Friday, May 27, 2011

New Stuff

I received some items I had ordered from Colonial Crafts today. I always order from them in my birthday month because they give you 20% off during the entire month of your birthday, on all orders. I think that is awesome and usually have several orders during the month of May. But I was good this month. I only ordered a couple times.


I got 3 bottles of Distress It, I make my own walnut crystals dye but it never sprays like Distress It does. I think maybe I do not let the crystals dissolve enough and it clogs the spray bottle. I like to have a bottle or two on hand for delicate items.

I got a copy of the newest Needl’ Love Threads book. I have almost all of these and love the projects in them. I have not thumbed through it yet I am saving it to read at work tonight when I get a break.  I love that the projects can be done in so many different ways, applique, wool, embroidery, punch needle, doll making, quilts, etc. Love them.

I also got one of the new patterns from Crab-Apple Hill called Witch Witch’s Boot – awesome!!  She has a lot of new patterns I love, the embroidery is unbelievable.


It has been raining pretty bad here today. The lightening has been incredible. Apparently there is a lot of flooding around and a lot of hail. The last couple hours it has been  nothing but loud down pours and constant thunder and lightening.  I love storms but the kids don’t care for them that much. It was worse when they were coming home from school so they were a little shaken up. I was able to get a nice nap before they got home to prepare for work tonight.

I have only been able to comment on a couple blogs today, and it is kinda frustrating but I guess I cannot complain for a free service. Hopefully all the problems will clear up. I use Internet Explorer and also have Google Chrome on my computer and I cannot even log on to blogger on Google Chrome.

I hope everyone is enjoying there Friday and hopefully in between celebrations find a little stitching time this weekend. I know I will!



Lynn said...

Love the new pattern. I've been having problems with blogger too, I can't log in with explorer but so far google chrome is working for me. Hey my verification word is spookies, perfect for your pattern and the stormy day today.

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

cool stuff Jennifer! Hope your weather clears up soon...
Have a great Memorial Weekend.

Trace4J said...

I love those pattern books. can't wait to see what you make.
Hope you get some sunshine today!
Granny Trace

Love Bears All Things said...

Saturday here and beautiful but so-o hot already..nearing 90 F. today.
Our Birthday month is almost over..I'll have to remember to check out that site next year...
got my stitchies pressed this morning and will be putting them together with the patchwork soon so I can say my June blocks are done.
Have a great weekend.
Mama Bear

moosecraft said...

Crabapplehill patterns are fun! I was tempted to order the other halloween quilt pattern they have.... but knew I would never get to it with the amount of projects I already have... the Needl Love book is awesome! I ordered mine from Colonial Crafts too! :-) Happy Memorial Day!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

I love finding new patterns to buy on the internet.
I also like Crab Apple Hill and have ordered from them a few times.
They're Halloween stitcheries are my favorite one to purchase.
Hope you enjoy your weekend.
Happy stitching!
Prim Blessings

The Frenzied Fox said...

Since it's your birthday month I want to say Happy Birthday! (or belated if it's past!)

The Frenzied Fox said...

Just wanted to tell you in case you didn't see this comment on my blog: You make my day! It's so nice to be making a blogging friend so thank you! :)