Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Americana II Quilt


I finished stitching up the Americana special request quilt and it is off to the Rusty Bucket as we speak.  I also finished up this little table topper today and it is off to the Bucket also.


I could not resist putting this picture in. Louise has been following me around the house today. The ugly feet are mine, the cute little ones on the right are Louise’s!!


For all those who are aware of my troubles the last couple days I do have some good news. But first I will fill the others in. Our lawnmower died on Sunday, our septic/plumbing started acting up on Monday and on Tuesday night the air conditioning upstairs went out. The good news is the AC guys came out within half an hour of me calling this morning and it ended up being the pan under the unit in the attic was full of water and the system has an alarm that shuts itself off when the water gets to a certain point. All they did was empty out a couple buckets of water and clear the drain line and we now have AC. Thank God for alarms and for answering my prayers on that one. So we are only out 100 bucks. The septic people are coming out Friday and I will probably be crying when they leave because it is going to be about 300 bucks. Then we will see about the lawn mower. Neighbors beware, the weeds may be going a little crazy over here for a while.

I am sort of sad because the money is being spent on all this stuff and I had it saved up for the hubby for Father’s Day. I hate that.

Well off now that one drama is resolved to try and get some rest before work. I hope everyone is having a great day and finding a little stitching time. It is supposed to be 102 degrees here today so try to stay cool!!



Keep It Thimble said...

Jennifer, the same thing happened to our AC about 2 weeks ago. So glad it was just a clogged drain line! I get nervous when AC or Heat breaks because I can just see the dollar signs floating away!

Cute stuff for the Rusty Bucket:)

Debbie said...

Jennifer.... the quilt and topper look great! I want to start a quilt but have a swap to finish yet. Know of any cute americana stitchery patterns????

We are in the same boat here... we have a little window unit that I think needs recharging but can't afford to do it because we too have had the septic issue this month. I personally feel the landlord is mostly responsible but he is charging us for all the bill this time. Our riding lawn mower has been out since last August and we were just able to get a push mower when income taxes came back. DH has said he was gonna mow for a week now and has yet to go out and do it. When it rains it pours here too! Thank goodness you had the money to pay for it....

Try to stay cool!

Debbie K

ps... sorry for the book... lol