Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh Just Rain!!!

We have been fooled into thinking it is going to rain here almost everyday. We change our plans because it starts thundering and lightening and getting windy and cloudy. Then as soon as we go inside, it clears up or just scoots right over us. I wish Mother Nature would just stop playing with us and give us a nice rain.

I took an opportunity to straighten out my pie safe that has all of my muslin, quilted cotton, linen and other stitchery fabrics. I got it so clean and straight I was able to put my chenille's and some other fabrics in it. I was so proud when I finished.


I finished up a stitchery last night that was adapted from a Colonial Pattern. I am going to piece some fabric to border it (hopefully  tonight) and then turn it into a pillow of course.


The kids have only been out of school for two weeks and as you can see from this picture of Natalie boredom has already set in.


We just returned from Alice’s softball practice. Her All Star game is this weekend. I am new to this sports stuff and I did not realize that this entailed an approximately eight hour day of games.  Eight hours in above 90 degree weather, this is why I never did sports, well, probably not the only reason. She is excited, so I am excited for her, but I have to say if she were to get unexcited, I probably wouldn’t complain too much.

Well it is time to get my walking in. I hope everyone has a great night! Don’t forget to get a little stitching time in!

~ Jennifer ~


Raymond Homestead said...

I just love the stitchery, it's so cute!

manos de chicureo said...

The weather here in my city is the same, lots of rain and finally announced it does not. Very nice embroidery.

jennifer768 said...

Sweet stitchery !Hugs,Jen

moosecraft said...

lol! At first, I thought she was wearing a chef's hat! Maybe she should make some cookies? :-) Same thing with the weather here... only we finally got some rain last night... hoping to have a nice sunny weekend to sit on the patio and stitch! I here ya' on the summer sports! Too hot to be running around like that! Have a great weekend!

Mary Ann said...

If I could I'd send you some of our rain because we seem to be having nothing but rain. I remember when my sons were young and they played soccer in the summer. I really don't know how they stood the heat.


You need to come and organize at my house. that pillow is so cute, love the clothespins.