Monday, June 27, 2011


Yippee!!! We had to nice rain storms come through today and I think it rained a little last night while I was working. The yard/plants/trees should all be happy.

I finished the stitchery I had completed the other day into a pillow. I sat in my window seat stuffing and watching the storm from my quilt room. I love rain storms (as long as they cause no damage).


My husband had a great idea to put a little pocket on it with some stained clothes pins, Isn’t it the cutest!! I used 30’s fabrics and sprayed them with Walnut Ink. You can’t really tell from the pictures, as they came out pretty bright. It is a pretty big pillow, I guess it is about 15 inches square.


I also sprayed the back of the pillow to give it the aged look.


I have some great news also regarding my Allstar Alice. Her coach let me know that the town is awarding her team with the “Sportsmanship Award” trophy and it will be on display with their picture at the Community Center. I wish she could have been at the ceremony tonight to get the trophy but she is at the beach. She is going to be so excited!


Little Louise had an emergency today. For some reason she decided to go behind the dresser. Her sister Thelma use to do that all the time. Thelma was a little bigger than Louise so she could not really go underneath the dresser, but Louise can. But she also figured out once she gets under there she can’t get out. We have an ancient television that sits on top of the dresser, I had to lift the entire thing and get her to crawl out. She was so scared she didn’t want to move so I had to lift and try to bang the dresser with my knee to get her to move. I am hoping she learned her lesson.


Well off to the sewing room!! Have a great night and I hope you were able to find a little stitching time today!

~ Jennifer ~


jennifer768 said...

Love listening to rain myself,it is so soothing to me.That is an adorable pillow !Hubby had a wonderful idea with adding the pocket.
Congrats to the Allstar team .That is a wonderful accomplishment.
Why is it our furkids can always get in but can't get out of places.Bless you having to lift that heavy dresser.Have a great week ,Jen

rachel said...

I really like your pillow you made! It is very cute & SO very true! lol
Congrats to Alice & her Allstar team!!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Your pillow turned out great!
I like the pocket idea. It gives it a nice touch.
Congrats to Alice and her team ~ they deserve it after their last game!!!
Prim Blessings

Trace4J said...

WoooHooo for Alice!! How wonderful for her.
I always love all your creations. And this pillow is stinkin cute.
Hugs Granny Trace

moosecraft said...

Cute pillow! The added pocket with clothes pins was just the right added touch! :-) I'm very happy for Alice that her team got the Sportsmanship Award! Kids need to be rewarded for doing the right thing (or they might grown up to be like the other team's coaches)! So sorry she had to go through that experience during her games... Poor Louise... I hope she learned her lesson too...

Veronica said...

Litle Louise !!!!!!Help!!!!Ayuda Ssocorro !!!!Ella seguramente ya aprendio su leccion , la amo !!!es hermosa. Me gusto mucho tu bordado en el almohadon, un abrazo Vero

Mary Ann said...

Poor little Louise....but, it is a cute picture:)