Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Awesome Prim Friends!!

Today was a great mail day. My oldest daughter has been saving since Christmas to get an IPod and last week she was hired by a neighbor to watch their dogs for a week where she earned the rest of the money. She is so excited. She received it today and is beside herself!


I am also excited because I received an awesome box from my Prim Patty at Raspberry Lane Primitives!


Look at all those goodies!! The picture below is something I really need. I hold all my tension in my head and neck so this will be great!


She made me this awesome Prairie Bonnet. I love it, I love the fabric!


And check out all of this. A notepad, Sugar Plum Mist, Candy with holder and all the fillings, sunflower, prim fireworks, prim eggs and nesting!


Thank you so much Patty I love everything so much!!! You made my day girl!!

We are currently getting a pretty bad lightening/thunder storm, not a ton of rain but some. But I am going to close down the computer just to be safe!

~ Jennifer ~


Veronica said...

I love this hat on the Prairie, if you have the pattern I'd do it for me when I entered the surgery room in the operating room jajajaj imagine. A big love from this side of the world, Vero

Love Bears All Things said...

Great loot from the mail...
Your daughter will love her ipod more since she had to earn the money for it herself. My daughter saved for a 10 speed when she was a young girl. She took that bike to college with her and kept it until she upgraded after she began making money as a pharmacist.
I actually have two MP3 players, not Ipods. one is still in the package and I won it as a door prize. The other one needs charging. My old computer lost its usb ports so I couldn't charge it. Since I got the new computer, I've not done it.
I love the eyes on that Annie Doll on your side panel.
Mama Bear

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Glad you like your goodies Jennifer...Have a great day!

Trace4J said...

What a wonderful day for you and your daughter! Have great stitching day friend.

moosecraft said...

Three cheers for you daughter for earning enough money to treat herself to an iPod!!! That's quite an accomplishment! Lovely gifts from Patty... especially the pillow for your neck! They really do work very nicely!