Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is it my Birthday??

Oh my goodness, what a week I have been having. And it is not even my birthday! Today I received a package from my friend April in Japan.  She is the most fabulous shopper ever, always has been. Lots of piggies!!


I got two totes, a coffee mug, rice molds, stuffed pig, pig wash cloths, pig salt and pepper shakers, a notepad, two fat quarters of pig fabric. This one is a linen type fabric, very pretty!


This one is a cotton, isn’t it so cute!


She also sent this pre-stuffed bunny. I think I will have to decorate it up for her.


He kind of looks sad laying in that plastic bag doesn’t he?

Tonight Alice has a double hitter softball game, I am not sure if my lingo is right on that, basically she has two games. The weather is cooperating today, it is only about 88 degrees and the humidity is not terrible. She had to leave practice on Tuesday because she could not handle the heat after only 20 minutes. It was about 100 degrees and the humidity could be cut with a knife.  I felt so bad for those girls, I was dying just sitting in the dugout.

I finished up a little stitchery last night. It is also from an adaptation of one of Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farms’ patterns.  Can you tell I have her stuff out in my studio. Sometimes I get hooked on a designer and have to stitch their stuff until I get it out of my system. Be fair warned I traced about 10 more of her designs just for Fall, they are all the about the same size. I made them all about 6” X 8”. Sorry the picture is crooked.


I am thinking I might want to make a quilt with them. But I don’t know if time will permit this year. We will see. I am hoping to finish up the rest of the pillows for the Rusty Bucket tonight. I am out of stuffing again, hopefully my hubby is going to pick some up for me.

Well, I gotta run, I hope you guys are having a great day and maybe finding a little stitching time!

~ Jennifer ~


Anonymous said...

What a sweet friend.... she definitely spoiled you big time!!! Enjoy!!!
I'm not able to handle the horrible hot weather we are having around here... not a bit! I can't believe myself for saying to my hubby: "I want winter to arrive fast this year!".
I have to tell you once more... you are such a fast stitcher, you will have the rest done in no time!

moosecraft said...

Oh what cute little piggies!!! Can't wait to see what you do with the bunny... he really does look sad in there... I hope the game goes well for your daughter! Have a great weekend!