Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finally Some doll Finishes!!

I am very excited to show you a couple that I have finally completed. I have been so ADD working on my dolls lately. I have so many in different stages it is driving me nuts. But I think I am in the right frame of mind to finish a lot of them, of course tonight is my last night off so I have to try and do as many as I can since I am in this frame of mind.

So here are a couple Halloween kitties. The first one is adapted from a Cat Nap Primitives Pattern called Junk Yard Cat, I added and changed a lot, I can’t find my pattern so I had to just do what I thought would look nice.


And this is my little guy. He is a cutey with his sisal tail!


I have done several ghosts that I am not happy with so I need to work on them a bit longer, a couple witch dolls that need dresses, a bunch of the Junk Yard Cats and I think that is really all I am doing for Halloween this year. I am about to list these items on my selling blog tonight.


I still need to give these gals a good dusting of glass glitter but I had to take a picture because they look so sweet.  They are done using Moonchild’s Primitives pattern Snow Angel. I can’t find my glass glitter so I had to order some more today. It is very pricey so I am a little upset, I can’t imagine where it is. My studio is quite messy so no telling.


I used up all of my Bri wax and had to order a replacement. The company that manufactured it is no longer in existence so I used what the Cloth Doll Supply said was a good replacement. I am sort of concerned because it feels “liquidy” and Bri Wax was not. I have not opened it to give it a try yet so I am not discrediting it yet. I order from Cloth Doll Supply a lot. It is an awesome on line store to get patterns and supplies. And she always throws in little exta goodies. I just made this order a couple days ago and got it today in the mail today. Lightening fast shipping.


Well I am off to list the dolls and get back to work. I hope you are all staying safe tonight and Hurricane Irene isn’t causing too much trouble for you.

~ Jennifer ~


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh my gosh Jennifer those kitties and dolls are so darn cute!!!
I'm sure they will all sell well.
Prim Blessings

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Hey Jennifer - love your new creations - they are adorable!

Hope you faired well in the storm.