Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene, Stitching, and Dolls

So tonight is the night, Hurricane Irene is currently reeking havoc on the Carolinas.  We are further inland so it shouldn’t be too terrible. We are getting bands of wind and rain and thunder but nothing major yet.

I finished up a couple stitcheries this past week:


I have also slowly been working on my piles, they are everywhere. I had some dolls sunning today on the front porch but it began raining and I had to bring them in.


Here is my basket of the to be stuffed and being stuffed dolls.


You can see in this picture, the middle right side, that is my spot to sit, Louise sits on the pink blanket (as long as I have animal crackers for her).


Little Louise, she has become a beggar. She has always had food allergies so for her 14 years of life she has never eaten treats. Well, I happened to give her an animal cracker the last week and she had no bad reaction to it, so slowly we have given her a little more each day.  She doesn’t eat much and was loosing a lot of weight, she is at 2 pounds right now. We figured she likes the animal crackers and will eat them so we are going to let her eat them. She is now a crazed animal! Just look at her!


I received my new business cards from I love them. I added a few pictures of a couple dolls and a stitchery. I think I am going to change the photos every time I reorder. It was hard to get a picture on her, I tried scanning and the camera and it wont let me really get a good picture. I guess they do that so you can’t just copy the card yourself. They are so inexpensive I wouldn’t want to spend the money on my own ink printing them anyway.


I wanted to show you a picture that my 8 year old Alice drew of one of her favorite cartoon characters. It is Phineas from Phineas and Ferb. Isn’t it cute, she did it on a dry erase board so I made her left me take a picture of it.


Well, I know I wore you guys out on pictures tonight. I am going to continue working on dolls.

I hope everyone stays safe tonight and finds a little stitching time!

~ Jennifer ~


Christine said...

I'm wowed by how much you get done and have to work on - I couldn't begin to cope with that amount!! You're clearly a great multi-tasker!
Hope the storm eases - we've been watching the news over here and just heard that parts of NYC is being evacuated! Sounds scary but hope it isn't as bad as that.
Best wishes

Raymond Homestead said...

You do so many neat stitcheries! Love little Louise, she's a cutie! I don't know the cartoon character but it sure looks like she did a great job!


I am glad I am not the only one with piles everywhere, my hubby complains the couch is always full, the table has stuff piled on,etc. Stay safe, Irene skirted by us here in Florida, just a little wind and very little rain. Your Alice is a great artist!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

I LOVE your stitcheries! Your little Louise is ADORABLE! My son watches that cartoon also. That's a very good drawing! Have a wonderful weekend!

Lynn said...

Cute stitcheries! Poor Louise, our dog has also turned into a beggar, I guess at 12 she's entitled to a little bit of it. It started with a gingersnap, just one and has turned her into a gingersnap addict!

moosecraft said...

You really did get a bunch of stuff accomplished! So glad Louise likes animal crackers... food allergies are rough. Vista print does a great job and for very little money! I used to work in a print shop... and 500 of your color cards would run about $175... PLUS the art charges... So, smile BIG with all the money you just saved!!! :-) Stay safe during the storm!

Trace4J said...

Oh I love your stitcheries!
And your precious sweetie. She is so cute. My girl Snowy likes animal crackers too.
You are one busy girl.
Hugs Trace

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Lots of wonderful things in the are one busy gal!

Isn't it sweet (or sometimes not)...when our little fur babies learn something new instantly, like she just found out that she likes and can get her animal crackers ...but try teaching them something useful and they just ignore you. They are funny little creatures.

Glad you are staying safe from the storm.