Sunday, September 11, 2011

I was able to finish up my Civil War blocks just in time for my class on Sunday. I almost made another serious mistake but luckily I had stood back and looked at the block before I began piecing it. I had cut the squares and four patches 3” (as you can see on the right in the photo below) instead of the 2” they were supposed to be (on the left). That would have been bad.


So here are my finished blocks – I am quite pleased and can’t wait to get the next batch.


Today I had a class at my friend Sharon’s (Liberty Rose Patterns) house. It was a colored embroidery class. I really didn’t need the class for the embroidery but she colors with crayon and I typically use colored pencils so I wanted to learn a different way.

She gave us a practice piece to do first. It is a free download from Jacquelynne Steves of The Noble Wife. Keep in mind it is not embroidered yet. Very pretty design.


Our class piece is a design my Lakadaisies (one of my favorite designers). First you use a white crayon and shade where you want color to be and then color it.


Here is mine ready to embroider, I will be using black floss. I cannot wait to start stitching on it. I will mention we changed up the ghost sheet on the little boy. I liked it more round like that.


Here is Sharon snapping a picture of me while I was snapping her. Oh to have that camera!!!


I spent Friday night cleaning my quilt room. I am having trouble sleeping at night (side effect of working 3rd shift) so I was in the mood to clean, not sew, like I should have been. Alice helped me a little before she went to bed. We dusted, moved, organized, trashed, vacuumed, etc. It is pretty clean but I still have way too much stuff.


How do you like this! I think it is time for a new radio.


I have my table started for the show in October. I have a long way to go.


Well, off I go, maybe to bed, maybe to finish those Elf dolls that are taking forever!!!

Have a great Sunday and I hope you can find some stitching time!

~ Jennifer ~


moosecraft said...

Wow! What a great space you have to create! With so many supplies at your fingertips! The embroidery looks fantastic! I like that tea dyed muslin your using... just bought myself some last month! Can hardly wait to use it!

Cornbread and Beans Quilting said...

Oh my word woman... I have definite sewing studio envy now! LOL Your space is amazing, and huge, and your stash is insane! Thanks for sharing. =)

Mary Ann Tate said...

I agree. What a nice big space you have to work in. That's a great idea about setting up your show table ahead of time to see what it will look like:)