Monday, October 22, 2012

Prancer is Not Well

Things are not good for us right now. Some of you are aware but I will share for those who do not know.  As you know we adopted our little buddy Prancer last Saturday. He was such a good boy. Looking back we can see signs he was not healthy. Mucus in his feces, gross I know, and he tired very easily. We thought it was because he was  puppy but he never played hard enough where he should have been that worn out.

On Monday night Prancer tried to run up our back steps outside and hit the screen door when he jumped. He bounced down the steps and landed wrong on his paw.

Tuesday morning I took him to the vet, I had a concern about a little rash on his ear where he was loosing fur also. He was given an antibiotic for the rash and a anti inflammatory for his leg, and he was put on puppy rest.

By Wednesday night is tummy was making all kinds of noise. He threw up once but was still eating and drinking.

Thursday I was concerned because he still seemed so uncomfortable so I took him back in and the vet put a splint on his leg and said if his appetite did not improve we would test him for other issues. Thursday night was a long night. I was up with him all night. He was having projectile vomit and by this time had not eaten for one day. He was still drinking water which was all he was throwing up. All I could do was make sure he was confortable and I made sure I did not give him any more medicine. I sent an email to the Vet at about 2 am to let them know he was still having issues.

By Friday morning I could not even get him to drink anything so we went back to the vet where she tested him for Parvovirus and other  things. Even though the breeder vaccinated him the vet says sometimes it does not take or the vaccine may be bad and not work, this was the case for Prancer. He apparently was infected prior to us bringing him home and the medicines we were giving him kicked the Parvovirus in action. You can kind of say we are lucky he was injured and had him at the vet because we were able to catch it sooner. The vet says she does not recommend treatment when their white cell count is 2000 or lower,  because their ability to fight infection is so low, his was 2004, normal is 6000-17000. She left it up to me whether to hospitalize him or treat him at home. She said if he responded to treatment he would have an 85% survival rate if treated with the IV at the vet and the percentage drastically dropped if treated at home. So of course I went with the hospital. I left him in their hands and I keep going back and forth about whether that was the right way to go.


We had Christmas money we had been saving up so we would use that for part of his vet bills which are over seven-hundred at this point.  We sat the kids down and had a discussion about Prancer, his care, the money and how this affected birthdays that are coming up an Christmas presents.The kids were great. My youngest Alice said “Don’t worry about Christmas presents because we are saving a life and that is more important.” I was so impressed with that child, it warmed my heart.

When I went to check  on Prancer this morning when I got off of work, the Vet told me he was quite cold because they did not have the heat on last night and the low was 43. Why was this not planned for? I did not like that, there are also other concerns we have regarding the  Vet that may seem minor but are important to me and my husband, I wont get into those. The staff is awesome I should add, and many are just as concerned for Prancer as we are. They are just a wonderful group of ladies.

I would like to ask that if you will, pray for Prancer, he is being such a strong little fighter but he needs all the help he can get. We are going day by day at this point and I will not give up on this little guy, unless he shows sign of no improvement, I do not want him to suffer unnecessarily because of my stubbornness either.

The Meeting Corner Update

I wanted to share some updated pictures of my booth area at The Meeting Corner in downtown Fuquay Varina. These pictures are prior to painting, the walls and floor will be done.


Here are some other shots with some painting completed.


We were able to try some of Edna’s food from Edna’s Edibles. She is the co-owner of  The Meeting Corner and will be offering her wonderful dishes in the café in the back portion of the shop. We had this Argentinian meal of  Pastelon (Ripe Plantain Lasagna), Rice & Beans and  salad. It was so good. I have never had Plantains and I really liked the sweetness in the lasagna amazing. I cannot wait to try more of her dishes.

photo (46)530667_4976366853862_644052153_n

Well that wraps it up for the night. I hope you are well and finding a little stitching time. Take care!

~ Jennifer ~


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Jennifer, I will keep you and your little Prancer in thought and prayer. I know how stressful and heart-wrenching it can be to watch them suffer. Sometimes an accident can be a blessing in disguise to uncover something more serious-you are right! Keep an eye on him and his care, don't be afraid to ask questions. He is so sweet! Bless you for having such a big heart for animals. We've had bdays & Christmas' with lots that were hollow and also with very very little and they were meaningful and fulfilling - it will all work out for the best in the end! Bless your heart ~*~Lisa

Trace4J said...

Good Morning Friend
First let me say what a wonderful mom you are you.
Your daughters words just blessed the socks right off of me.
WHat a sweetie. I am praying for your precious Prancer.
I also wanted to say I had a puppy who did beat Parvo many years ago and lived for 13 years.
You have a beautiful Family.
Sending your family hugs & prayers

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

How terrible that poor little Prancer is not doing well. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with all is so sad. I'll say some prayers for you, your family and little Prancer. Hope he can kick this thing!
Sounds like you have some wonderful children!
Hugs Jennifer

Anna Pearl's Attic said...

We are fellow Chi moms! I love my little girl Shelbee and would spend any amount of money to keep her with me. It is so nice to see someone who is willing to invest in their pet. They really are a part of the family.

My prayers are for you and Prancer and your family.

Anna Pearl's Attic.

Carmen and the Primcats said...

Sending up prayers for Prancer. We are facing some serious issues with our cat so I know how you feel.

Carmen and the Primcats

BumbleBeeLane said...

Sending up a little prayer for prancer.Your kids seemed to be handling it very well too.Can you go back on the breeder for selling you a sick pup?I'm not saying sue for all the vet bills but maybe reimburse you for the cost of the puppy since it was not healthy.I'd at least call and explain the situation and see what they say.Most breeders and pet shops give a 60 day health gaurantee.If they are reputable they'll want to stand behind their self.I know you are attached already so I'd say 85% is a good chance.Hugs!~Amy