Monday, October 15, 2012

Our New Puppy is Home!

We are so happy. We picked up our new puppy on Saturday  and he is just the most precious boy. He has a very quiet demeanor and has not barked yet, I cannot imagine that we could have two dogs in our lives that don’t bark but we will see.. We have a lot of training to do but first we have to learn what we are doing and he needs a name. We had settled on Prancer because he prances in the yard just like a little deer. It seems everyone is not so satisfied on that name though and for some reason when I go to call him I say Princess instead of Prancer and that is just not right for the little guy.  Every day he gets a little more use to us but he came from a wonderful home and he misses it I think. He has really become close to Alice, he follows her where ever she goes, they are going to be great pals. Here are some pictures of him.


I won a giveaway a couple weeks ago from Creative Breathing a week or so ago. Isn’t this the cutest little Boo Bird!!! She makes the most adorable little creatures. This little bird is a fantastic addition to our Halloween decorations.


I finished up some Scrooges for a couple orders. Do you remember when I did a couple last year. They are made from a pattern by My Primitive Saltbox.

photo (43)

While on my walk the other morning I snapped a picture of the cotton that is in full bloom in the fields around us. It is so pretty, makes you think of snow.


Well, I need to get stitching, I have lots to finish up this week. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a super week. Don’t forget to find some stitching time.

~ Jennifer ~


Michelle said...

cute about Gus...that's what came to mind when I saw him.

Lynn said...

Congratulations on the new puppy. How old is he? He's really darling. I think Prancer is a perfect name. When we had to name a pet, there was always strong disagreement here in the house (for example the girls wanted Princess Pretty Paws for our (male) cat and my son wanted Thor - we settled on Jinx).
Our new - from a rescue dog came with a bark collar and we didn't know why, at first, now we do.
Poor girl likes to bark if we don't pay attention to her.

Karen said...

Hi Jennifer,
What a sweet puppy...oh how adorable. I'm sure he is warming up to all of you by now and feels very wanted and welcomed.
I like the name Prancer - he has long legs - fit's him well.
What beautiful cotton - I saw a blog yesterday and she posted photos of the cotton field outside her house - so pretty.
Adorable scrooges (if scrooge can be adorable that Great job.

Karen said...

He is just the cutes lil thing:) He is so small....I want one
I love your Scooches

Teresa F. said...

What a sweet puppy. He's really cute and I love his eyes. Prancer seems to be a good name.