Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Is Over

I went to a Christmas get-together last night and it was lovely.  We had delicious food and nice conversation.  Just what you would think a holiday gathering should be.  I usually put everything Christmas away the day after, but this year Natalie requested we leave it up until the New Year, so I agreed.  It is killing me and Gordon asked Christmas Day night (that sounds weird) why the Christmas decorations were still up.  I sometimes wonder if everyone is going to be happy on the same day.  I took some pictures of our house decorated so I thought I would share them with you.





100_0917 100_0943

100_0919 100_0942

100_0925 100_0938

100_0934 100_0921

As you can see we still have the builders "butter cream" paint on the walls.  I don't mind it, at least it is not the builders white.  One day I will paint, but for now it will do.  The star for our Christmas tree broke so we have this "dog angel" I got when I worked at Old Navy in VA six years ago (Nice).  It will always be 25 days til Christmas if you go by my little quilt hanger "thingy". I have not finished the other numbers (again Nice).


Well I should be off, I brought home 3 more projects from work the other day.  I will add them to the list soon.  I am almost finished stitching one, the other I have not traced and the last is just tracing some designs for a lady in California, who is doing a BOM at the shop, she couldn't see through the fabric to trace it.


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