Friday, August 28, 2009

First Delivery Made!

The Rusty Bucket Fall Open House is less than two weeks away now. I am so excited.  I took my first load, rather small, but cute.  I have so many things half done I need to finish them off this weekend.  That is my goal anyway. So here it is:

100_2680The kids and I went out after school to buy tennis shoes for the new school year and wouldn’t you know another tropical system out there in the ocean paid us a little visit.  So of course, the repairs I did on my garden were for nothing. Time to build a bigger edging, which is annoying because it is only a problem when a hurricane/tropical storm comes through, which is not very often.  You know maybe I am wrong, last year we lost a fair amount of plants and a tree  in other parts of the yard because of a tropical system. Maybe I am fighting a loosing battle here. I guess we are much closer to the coastline than I realize. Anyway, our pumpkin plant is not a happy camper – I am not sure if you can see from the picture, it is all twisted and turned upside down.100_2681   And then there are the plants that were uprooted last week, yes they are uprooted again.

100_2684 100_2683

Enough fun for one day or I should say two days. I have not slept since getting off of third shift this morning – I believe it is catching up with me!!


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