Friday, May 28, 2010

Redwork Block

Redwork Block
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I only have one block to finish before I have the 9 slated for this quilt done. I say it like that because now I am wondering if I should not do 12. I could do one whole quilt with just the Lakadaisies patterns I have. They are all so precious just like this one. I abosolutely love their redwork designs. You can see them all at
I have a bigger work load this week than I thought. I have two days of working I did not realize. I was hoping we could cook out and eat bad on Monday, but I will be working. Please everyone eat a hotdog (fixed anyway you like) or cheeseburger (with just lettuce, tomato and maybe a little mayo) for me, I would appreciate that.
I am going to crash one of my friend Sharon's (http://www.Liberty, classes this weekend. I can't wait. It has been so long since I have taken a class, I really miss it. We are making Tomato pincushions! Yippee!
I have news on my ears! Not much good. I think it is safe to say I wont be finding out what is really wrong until I go to the ENT this coming week. I am still off balance, have the nausea, can't see as well as I would like and a constant static sound in my ear, topped with a good old headache. I was diagnosed today with Ménière's disease , not an ear infection. I was also given a 2 week supply of prednisone, eyi-yi!! Not happy about that. The good news is I am able to tolerate a large amount of pain before I am useless, so this will not bring me down. I am definately much better than I was last week. So off I go to the road of good health, this turning 40 thing sucks!

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