Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Still Hurting!

I am still not doing well, both ears hurting, balance problems, eye problems. I was supposed to go back to my regular doctor yesterday and today but waited too late. I will go in tomorrow  morning after work. I have an appointment with the ENT, but I couldn’t get in until next Wednesday. My husband says it is my fault I am still hurting since I haven’t gone back, I just keep hoping tomorrow will be better, but it never happens. I am going tomorrow though, so Sharon, Janet, I do not want to hear it – I will be going!021 I have tried to work on several things this week. I have not finished anything. It takes me forever to stitch and I actually messed up (well – I have to alter them now)  a couple things I finished stitching. No major mistakes. Except for poor Harry.


I made the mistake of trying to trim both the guinea’s nails when I cleaned their cages the other day. Harry moves around quite a bit and he is a little difficult to do, plus with my vision problems right now it makes it that more difficult. So I cut one of his nails way to short. Blood was pouring out, the kids were freaking out. Alice even called my husband and told on me, little stinker. I held him for about 30-40 minutes with a rag around his paw and even tried the little stick thing that is supposed to stop the bleeding, finally I just put him back in his cage. He seemed fine and I did a little research online and felt comfortable he would not bleed to death. Both he and I were covered in blood, my kids were freaking out because I have warned them in the past to never let anyone's blood touch them, so they kept telling me I would have to go to the hospital also because his blood was on me. Goodness, what drama! He is fine today.

I put a link on my sidebar for “Primitives From The Attic”, she has some wonderful primitive designs and is having a giveaway. Go take a visit!

Also another site “By Your Hands” is having a great pattern give away. Check them out also.

All for now – going to rest for a bit before work. Have a great day!



sewstresst said...

Who you talking to, Willis?

I was just worried about you. Sorry to nag. Did it work, though?

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

I love both of you guys nagging me, I just wish I would listen once in a while!!!

Sharon Stewart said...

I can tell you right now that if you don't go today, I will be down there taking you!!! How's that for nagging??!!@@ So I had better have a report TODAY!!!!! No more Mrs. nice guy! But I still love you!!!!!