Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another New Project???

You heard it right I have started a new project, I could not resist. I have several friends who are doing this Wool Crazy quilt by JoAnn Mullaly.  My friend Janet came by yesterday and we made our base for one block of the quilt.  I have so much wool that I figured I need to use it up somehow, so as a spur of the moment idea we decided to take the plunge. 001 We were both able to get our blocks laid out and basted. They look fabulous. I stayed up real late and tacked stitched all of my wool down on my block. Unfortunately I do not have a camera to snap a photo. The family is at the beach this week and took the camera with them. But I have included a couple scans of it:

Wool Crazy 008 Wool Crazy 005 Wool Crazy 007Wool Crazy 006 

I was going to get moving on mine but I have a lot of embroidery that I want to finish up first. So I will wait for Janet to come over again and then we can work on them together.  I went through my books and found a couple that we will be using for looking up stitches as we complete the blocks.

Wool Crazy 004Wool Crazy 003

I also will be doing mine a little different than the primitive look of the original. I do love how the original looks but I wanted to try something different. So I am also using a lot of designs out of these two books:

Wool Crazy 001Wool Crazy 002

I cannot wait to get started on it, but for now I will have to be patient.

I also out together a small disappearing 9-Patch wall hanging quilt. My friend Sharon is going to be teaching a class on a wall hanging similar.  I used an older charm square pack from Judie Rothermel call America the Beautiful and then I added a Moda Solid for the embroidery blocks. I also scanned a little section of it for you to see:003

I went to bed about 4am this morning and woke up two hours later sick as can be. I believe it is my allergies,  I can barely talk and my throat is hurting pretty bad, so I have been nursing myself and being lazy all day watching television, which is odd for me – I am not a big television fan. I had to cancel my massage Janet got me for my birthday, this morning – I was very sad about that but I figured it wouldn’t be as nice since I was sick. I was supposed to be cleaning house while the family was away but that did not happen and at this point probably wont.

I am thinking of doing a rain dance. We have gone many weeks with rain all around us but not raining at our house.  I believe last year I was complaining about the same thing around the end of summer and we ended up having the rain from Hurricane Bill dump way too much rain on us. I tell you I am tired of the dry weather but  I don’t want a 3 day downpour.

My friend Janet just called to check on me and we got a good giggle out of my voice. I sound pretty funny.  Well off to rest some more!! Have a great day!



Sharon Stewart said...

Oh baby, I'm so sorry. You can't be sick on your time off. That's just not fair. Maybe staying up too late and not taking care of one's self could have caused this?? I love everything you're working on. Can't wait to see your wool crazy block all done, and Janet's too! Hugs to you.....

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

I am thinking the staying up too late thing is my problem, it would be okay if I could just sleep all day, but with the phone and dogs yipping, the guinea pigs squeaking, the sun shining - it doesn't work!!!