Monday, June 28, 2010

Back from the Beach!

187The kids made it back. I missed them so much. It was so quiet and lonely here, who am I kidding, I will admit it – it was great being in the house by myself for a bit, if only I hadn’t been sick. But I did miss them very much and I am glad they made it back safe, unfortunately sunburned but otherwise safe.

I love this picture, Alice knows how to relax!004

Gordon pre-burn!!023

Ah yes – my mini-me!!027

And my pretty Natalie:049 If only they took naps like this at home – 3 hours they slept, makes me want to live at the beach!


The kids always have a great time with their cousins – look all those red faces:110

A trip is not complete without a visit to the local post office – they went to the Kitty Hawk Museum – as you can see from their faces they had a blast :)048

I like the tube chain – really cute!140

This is my favorite – poor Gordon has skin like his Daddy – they can think about sun and burn!124

They had a lot of fun, maybe next year I can take the trip with them, although we said that last year also, too many animals to tend to here.174

Have a great day!



Love Bears All Things said...

They seemed to have had a great time...I always burn too...something about the sun and water just makes napping easier.
Mama Bear

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Yeah they had fun!! Thanks for coming over Mama Bear!! Hugs - Jennifer