Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Has it been 5 days?

I have been slacking this week. I have a lot of updates. First let me show you Natalie’s project she has been working on, it is for Halloween. She plans on putting dried flowers or something in the bag to make a doorknob hanger. She did a fantastic job stitching and sewing it up. I am so proud!

006   005

Next, Janet and I met again and worked on our Wool Crazy quilts. I also joined in on the blog at  Wool Crazy Sew Along where you can look at a bunch of talented people stitching on their Wool Crazy stuff. Here is the link: http://pumpkinpatchprimitiveswoolcrazy.blogspot.com/.011

I have been stitching on some things for fall, a couple dolls and other items. We ran out of camera batteries so I cannot show you my little Pumpkin doll I am working on. She is so sweet. Maybe next time. It sure would be nice to have a camera that does not require batteries. Here are some of the things I stitched up:


The other day Alice had drawn a picture on Natalie’s dry erase board. I had to snap a picture of it. The picture is of her and Gordon laying in the grass looking at clouds. I though it was sweet.


We went to the pool today and had it all to ourselves. It was so nice and relaxing. It was like having a pool in our backyard.

That is all the happenings here today – hope you are having a great week so far and finding some time for the needle and thread!!



Lee Prairie Designs said...

Looks as thought you all have been very creative. Good job! Natelie's embroidery is lovely. I was about 6when I started embroidery and I loved it from the start. I started with x's! I would love to see what it look's like today!! Nathine's drawing is great.Have fun with your projects. Carolyn

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thank you Carolyn. I would love to see your 1st projects also. I bet they are precious!