Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We got mail!!!!

I heard the mail lady come today and when I checked the mailbox all that was in there was an advertisement. Natalie just went outside because it looked like a storm was forming above our house (which it was – we just got a good downpour) and she found a package on the porch. Yippee!!! I saw it was from Carolyn in Iowa and I thought – wait I know who that is. So I figured it was going to be my Appliqué Posey Needlecase. When I opened the package, there was a tag on one baggy that said Natalie, Gordon and Alice, I thought wait a minute I thought it was going to be for me. The kids were so excited. My husband was very happy, he gets on me about doing the swaps and was a little irritated that I did another one, until I opened the package and he seemed happier than me.

Inside the kids package was a pattern by Carolyn herself (Lee Prairie Designs) called “Spring Flowers” it has a pattern for a small embroidered quilt and little sock bunnies in a bunting.  The kids are so excited, Alice has already gathered some socks to make the bunnies.


And yes, I did receive my beautiful needlecase. I absolutely love the fabric, beautiful, perfect and fabric I do not have. Carolyn also sent me a pattern for Appliqué Christmas Aprons.  She also included a picture of her beautiful grandchildren, all 6 of them, goodness I know they keep her busy!!

Here is my awesome needlecase:


And the inside:


Here is the entire package:002 006 

Thank you so much Carolyn, your work is beautiful. You are so talented!! If you are interested in finding out more about Carolyn  and Lee Prairie Designs go to

So I have been working on Halloween/Fall stuff, here is a basket with some of the items, not much in there but a lot more to come.


All for now – off to be crafty – I have a feeling I will be making some little bunnies tonight!!



Love Bears All Things said...

Oooh that little dolly needs clothes...I enjoy visiting your place and thanks for the link to Lee Prairie Designs.
Mama Bear

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Yes she is still naked, she has some ghosty friends covering her up now. I will get to her clothes soon. Hope all is well Mama Bear!!