Friday, July 23, 2010

It is hot out there!!!!

Just a post to say hello and let you know I am busy making lots of Halloween/Fall goodies for a porch sale I am participating in. I have to get the Halloween/Fall done so I can work on some Christmas things. Can you believe it is already time to craft for Halloween . My kids are getting confused – Alice and Gordon keep asking if Halloween is in a couple of weekends.

Today the kids want to go to the pool. I did promise, much to my dismay, yesterday that we would go. The heat index is 109 right now, I would rather just stay hiding in the air conditioning. Maybe we will go later, we have been going late in the day this week. The water is very warm by the time we get there but it is still nice to swim around a little bit. It is hard when 2 out of the 3 kids want to go, I am sort of stuck until my husband gets home anyway.

I have this old crewel pattern from the 1970’s that would be really cute stitched up. The original size was only like 3” square. It needs a bunny or something in it!


I also was doing some browsing last night and came across a few sites that have freebies some of you may be interested in:


Fantastic Toys


AOK Corral

The Noble Wife

Raggedy Scrappin

Hope you enjoy some of the things you find and get a little time for some stitching today!!


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