Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Tamales

The air conditioner is getting a work out today. We keep it on 75 degrees but just trying to get to 75 is becoming a bear. It is 2pm and already at 98 or 99 (depending on which weather site you go to). The heat index is at 101 degrees. It is supposed to get to 100 by 4pm. Apparently this is going on along the East Coast today. I took my dog outside and ran back in after burning my feet on the sidewalk.

I received a message from one of my blogging friends about a site called FanBox so I signed up for it out of curiosity. It is sort of like a baby Facebook. I obviously hit the wrong button and it sent an email to everyone on my contact list to join, this means, family, friends, customers, my bosses, everyone. I am so sorry if any of you received an unwanted email, hopefully it went to your spam boxes. I don’t know if I should send a mass “I am sorry” email or just leave it be – any opinions?

***Gross Out Alert***  I have been sick the last couple days, not a cold, but tummy woes. Not doing much better today. Hoping it will clear up so I don’t end up at the hospital. I have had a couple trips for an ileus (or intestinal obstruction) and this is what it is feeling like. I am hoping not but I will give it today and then to the doctor tomorrow if its not better. I have always had stomach problems, all the gross stuff. Have been tested for Crohn’s a million times but always negative, thank goodness.  So I have been sitting/laying around today “woe is me-ing”, starving, drinking gallons of water hoping it clears up soon.

I have not quilted the Americana II quilt like I wanted. I have stitched six blocks for my Stitch-A-Long for the next quilt. As you can see it is a redwork Christmas quilt.


I have not picked my outer fabrics just yet and don’t really feel like it so I have just kept stitching. I have half of them stitched which means I am going to have to pic something out soon.  I think I want to use homespuns.  I am wishing now I would have stitched them in other colors but they are so small I can always make another.

I also put some YLI thread on my selling blog if anyone is interested.

Well the little ones will be home soon and I have to appear half alive so I better get moving. I hope you are having an awesome day and have a chance to enjoy some stitching time.



Trace4J said...

Oh poor you. Hope you feel better soon Jennifer. I am so sorry.Nothing worse than being sick and the heat. UGH!
I love the redwork. So pretty.Any ideas on how to fix my no reply comments? I just can't figure out why its like that.
Granny Trace

Love Bears All Things said...

If this is Spring, what will summer be like..It is so hot already.

Sorry you're feeling bad but congrats on getting the stitching done.
Mama Bear

Donnie said...

Hope you feel better soon but don't let it go too long. We are now having odd hot weather after having a colder than normal winter. I did get your FanBox invite but emailed you about what it was. Have a great day.

Samelia's Mum said...

Oh my! We should mix both our weather temperatures. It's cold and raining here today. First day of winter.

Loving your stitch a long blocks. I really must get back to them soon.


It's so hot here, too, record heat already. Hope you feel better soon.

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Oh Jennifer - I'm so sorry to read that you haven't been feeling well. I sure hope it got better today and you don't have to go in to get it checked.
Our weather today was also very hot...91 and the heat index was 101. Pretty darn hot for May in central NY.
Feel better soon my friend and lots of hugs sent your way.

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

OMgosh..I hope you don't have an ileus Jennifer. I hope you feel better soon. hey, did they check ya for celiac disease? I'm sure so...it was 90 here today...better now though...turned on the ac yesterday....stay cool.

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

pss those stitcheries are to die for...love, love them!!! what's the green part on the hoop-a place to hold onto..can u tell I don't stitch...I should try though... :)

moosecraft said...

Stomach problems are the worst! I hope you get better quick! Even with being sick you are making great progress on your quilt! Homespuns sound perfect!

Chookyblue...... said...

hope your feeling better...........lovely stitching.......enjoy working out the borders.......

Vicki ♥ said...

I too hope you are feeling much better now and its not nice feeling sick and not knowing what it wrong.
I love your stitcheries and no doubt you will come up with the borders that they will look best with soon. Take care :) Hugs Vicki